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4.1 – All Dogs – Search for a Dog

To Search for any dog already in the database follow these steps…

Select All Dogs from the Main Menu or from the Quick Link tab on the home page.


To search for a dog, you will need to enter the name of the dog you are searching for.

a. Type the name into the search bar. If you know the dogs name, enter as much of the name into the search bar as possible to narrow your search. If you don’t know the full name, enter as much as you know and a list of names will appear that match what detail you enter in the search bar.

b. Click the magnifying glass button to initiate search.

c. Any names that match the info you entered, will appear in a list to the right.

Furthermore, if you do not know the name of the dog you are looking for, but have some details about the dog, you can search the database using different criteria. 

By entering information in any of the table details, as seen below and pressing the [Search] button at the bottom of the table, any dogs that meet these criteria will appear to the right for your selection.

Doing an Advanced Search – If you are still having trouble finding or you want to pull all dogs with certain details, you can do an Advanced Search. Click the Black box with the gear wheel and then select Advanced Search from the list.

This will bring you to this screen.

a. Choose any of the criteria you want to include from the list.

b. This column allows you to select a range, i.e. equals, empty, date of birth with a range between two dates, or all male or all female dogs).

c. Once all the criteria bars are selected, click [Search]

d. If you want to do another search, click reset to clear your previous search.

e, when you are done you can click Back to List to return to the previous page.

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