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6.2.1 – Add New Puppy using Enter Puppies/Edit Whelp Info

  1. The fastest way to enter dogs is through the [Enter Puppies / Edit Whelp Info] because you can enter the basic data on the litter once and only the puppy specific information is entered individually.
  2. This method has the risk that you will enter duplicate dogs already in IWDR, so be sure to first mark which dogs are already in the database and skip entering them when you are in [Puppies Add & Edit].
  3. To connect a previously entered dog with the rest of its litter, open that dog’s edit page using MyDogs, click the [Select] link under the [Litter Description]. On the pop up, enter the Litter Designation in the search box (upper right) and click the magnifying glass to search. Then click on the correct litter designation to select. This will populate the field with the correct data. And the puppy/dog will then be listed with the rest of the litter.
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