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14.4 – Public People & Orgs

“Public” people and organizations…

    1. Any user can view, enter and edit: Breeders, People or Organizations that own dogs, Veterinarians, Kennel Clubs, Diagnostic Laboratories, etc.


2.Type the name in the field and select the matching name. If you only know the last name or part of the name, type % before and after

3.To avoid entering duplicates, before you click ADD New, please verify the record is not in IWDR by typing in the blank field % before and after the last name or organization name. Example: If you are looking for Companion Animal Hospital but do not find it, type %Companion%

Search by type of organization, if not entering a person. 

3. Two ways to enter new records if the record is not in the IWDR

    • ADD NEW hyperlink to the right of a field. The form that pops up is specialized for the type of entry you are making
    • Menu Item People/Organizations> Public People & Orgs> ADD NEW. This is a more generic form requiring you to enter if the person is a breeder, the type of organization, etc.


4. Editing “Public” People and Organizations can only be done through Menu Item People/Organizations>Public People> EDIT

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