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4.2 – Entering Ancestors

  • Enter ancestors using All Dogs.
  • Do not guess and enter incorrect data.
  • Enter the owner of the dog by typing the organization name or last name of a breeder who manages the dog’s records. If the owner is not found, click on the Add New link to the right of the owner field. A pop-up box will appear to create a record for the breeder or organization. Please be very careful to look up the organization’s proper name in a web-browser and spell a person’s name correctly. The data below the line is optional but very helpful in checking for duplicate people. Only one person per entry
  • Up to 3 more co-owners can be entered. Note: Co-owners do not have editing rights however you can choose to add them as users in your organization or group
  • If you are not the owner, you can not go back later and edit the record


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