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12 – Client Services – Client Basic Info Add & Edit


The Client Services Menu can be reached by clicking on the Client Services tab in the main menu.


To Add a new client – go to [Client Basic Info Add & Edit].

Click ADD NEW button.  Check if client is in data base by entering name in Client – Partner. If no options are given. Proceed to [Add new] button. DO NOT ADD DUPLICATES.

Enter Client Basic Information. Any field that has a red ‘asterix’ (*) beside it, is a required field.

Client- Partner, Program Type, DOB, Gender, Country of Citizenship, Date started with us are all required fields.

If Client is New, click on Add New under the Client-Partner field.

The Last Name and Country are only required fields. Please check with your State and Country requirements for privacy before adding more information. If permissible where you reside, you may add as much detail as needed in the indicated fields.

Click Save once entry is complete.

The country of citizenship will auto-fill to be the same country that your organization is in. It can be changed.

Scroll down to fill out the following sections…

Add Follow-up Support (Add Aftercare region, Staff assigned to aftercare, limitations imposed)

Add Demographics (Add if a veteran, a child, race/ethnicity)

Add Communication (Preferences on how to communicate with)

Add Alerts (Add things such as allergies)

General Notes (Add any additional notes needed)

SAVE (Once all the details are completed save your entry)


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