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14.3 – My People

My people is used to enter all ‘private’ people that are specific to an organization that would not be made public. For i.e. staff, volunteers, adopters, etc.

“Private” people…

    1. Only users associated with your organization or group can view, enter and edit private people.
    2. Both public people or organizations and your private people can be selected in fields where appropriate such as entering with whom your organization or group has a relationship.
    3. Two ways to enter new records if the record is not in the IWDR.
      • 3.a. Click on [ADD NEW] hyperlink. The form that pops up is specialized to enter private people. Last Name and Country are the two required fields, however the more information that can be entered the better.
      • Menu Item People/Organizations> My People> Add new

Editing “Private” People can only be done through Menu Item People/Organizations> My People



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