Samuel Leighton

Web Developer/Designer




Vienna Tech Help

Responsibilities included meticulous cleaning and repair of desktop and laptop computers, printers, and Smartphones; proficient in virus removal. Among those were a number of technical support resolutions and diagnosis.
2018 - Current

Canine Genetic Services

With Canine Genetic Services Samuel has been responsible for maintaining a multitude of cloud based servers that accomplish many tasks. Some of those being website, email, database, and user interface servers. He has also solely developed five WordPress based websites. He has also developed multiple script to integrate these websites and servers with other cloud storage companies for backups and security.



2013 - 2017

Langley High School

Coursework included Computer Science, AP Computer Science, Programming, Advanced Programming, & Web Page Development. Developed gaming programs and mobile app software designed to run on Smartphones and other mobile devices. Delved deep into the topic of Object Oriented Programming in Java. Became certified in MS PPT.
April 2019

University of Michigan on Coursera

  • JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON by University of Michigan on Coursera
  • Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) by University of Michigan on Coursera
  • Building Database Applications in PHP by University of Michigan on Coursera