Denise M. Barber

About Denise Barber


Denise M Barber in 2006 opened K-9 Connection LLC in Olean NY ”Live Better with Your Dog”

Being a GEB puppy raiser since 1994 she had an interest in broadening my knowledge and understanding of canine behaviors. She pursued many seminars, authors and training experiences to develop my skills. Ultimately resulting in training people how to identify and solve dog behavioral issues within their homes and out and about in the community. The business also includes a facility that was built on the idea of boarding dogs in a home setting with indoor recreation/ class training so that clients could train no matter what the weather. That became a reality 2011 when she built her home around this business.

She now lives with the dogs. Each day is a continuously changing environment (sitting dogs come and go, private lessons, group classes, friends and family) all intersect through these four walls.

Understanding the behaviors and guiding comfortable positive safe interactions between all dogs on site is possible because of guidance and education of my many mentors along the way. She welcomes the opportunity to help continue the education process for those seeking to hone their skills to helping dogs and people work/live better together.