Carrying Puppies

 Goal: For our puppies to be calm and supported when being carried to prepare them for their future careers. 


To help our puppies associate positive experiences when being carried, please follow the guidelines below:

One at a Time- Carrying more than one puppy at once can be a safety concern for both the staff/volunteers and the puppy. Whenever possible, its best to carry only one puppy at a time and use the puppy express to transport 2 or more puppies at a time.

Let Them Know Before You Go- Being abruptly picked up can concern puppies and cause them to avoid being picked up. Simply give the puppy a heads up by petting them briefly on the back before you pick them up.

Support at Both Ends Going up and Down- Puppies feel secure when being picked up and placed on the ground when their front end and back end are supported. 

Support Along the Way- Dangling legs can be of concern to puppies being carried. It’s important to support both ends of the puppy using both hands whenever possible. 

Legs Pointed Down- Puppies can feel unsecure being carried on their backs or upright. To help the puppy feel secure, aim to have all of the puppy’s legs point towards the ground.