IWDR Tutorials

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IWDR FunctionalityOverview of IWDR Functionality for Guide and Service Dog OrganizationsWatch video 12 minsyOverview, What IWDR Does, Features
Enter New Dogs Into IWDRDog Entry- entering dogs using All Dogs- use to ancestors in a pedigreeWatch video 9 minsyEnter Dogs, Enter Ancestors, Enter New Dogs, Add Dog
Estrus EnterEstrus Entry - enter a brood has started her estrus either through MyDogs >> Estrus Whelps tab or the Estrus Whelps Menu option.Watch video 5 minsyEstrus, Heat, Enter Estrus, Enter Heat, Heat Start, Breeding
Estrus Details EnterEstrus Details Entry and Edit- enter progesterones, vaginal smears, inseminations, LH=0 to estimate due date.Watch video 9 minsyProgesterone, smear, vaginal smear, matings, insemination, Ultrasound, Pregnancy check, due date, LH
Estrus Details Enter MultipleEstrus Details Enter Multiple- how to enter multiple estrus details in succession without the page closing back to the list page.Watch video 3 minsyMultiple Estrus Details
Whelp & Puppies Enter LitterPuppy Entry - enter a brood has whelped, birth date for the puppies, enter the puppies and details about themWatch video 7 minsyEnter Whelp, Enter Puppies, Puppies, Litter
Litter Care TutorialLitter Care Batch Entry - how to create litter care events then use these to batch enter vaccines, wormings and other care provided to some or all pups in the litterWatch video 7 minsyBatch entry, litter care, vaccines
Export My Dogs Filter ListExport My Dogs - how to select records to export and perform the export to your computer in various formatsWatch video 5 minsyExport, Dog Export, Download dogs, search, filter,select list of dogs
Health Diagnoses by Multiple Criteria SearchUsing Health Diagnosis All Report to create reports using multiple criteria to view groups of dogs and diagnoses.Watch video 3 minySearch, filter, report search, diagnoses
People Entry & EditEntering and editing public and private people in IWDR.Watch video 7 minsyPeople, Entry, Edit
Client Module OverviewUsing the Client Module -adding clients, screening applicants, scheduling training and managing clients with dogs. Building customized lists (equipment, program types, classes, aftercare regions) and certification tests including ADI PAC test for ABC users, team progress reports.Watch video 20 minsyClient, Module
DogCrosstabReportPowerful report that summarizes categories of data such as Number of dogs by age in months in puppy program, Outcome of progeny by sire or dam, etc.Watch video 3 minsyCrosstab, Reports
Stud and Brood List, Share RequestAdd and remove dogs from your stud or brood list, request another organization allowing you to add their dog to your stud or brood listWatch Video 5 minsystud, brood, share, request
Test MatingEnter test matings, view data that aids in decision makingWatch Video 3 minsytest, mating

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