> 9.2.1 – Creating the Customized Litter Care options

Creating Litter Care Options

You will need to start by creating the type of litter records you would like to create as a batch. This is done via the blue Admin tab at the top of screen. For users with the permission to access the Admin >> Manage Our Lists, Select Manage Our Lists and then Litter Care

Click Add New button to enter a new Litter Care Option

Fill out the type of litter care

Click the hyperlink “Select Which Care Is Included” then click Add to add as many procedures as desired. If you want a reminder created when litter care records are saved for each pup in the litter then enter the number of days due again

Entering Litter Care

Litter Care is accessed through the Vet Care tab

Entries can then be created by clicking the Inline Add button

The litter receiving treatment is selected by clicking Select beside the Litter Designation field

When you click Select you are presented with a list of all of your litters. You can narrow your search by entering the name of the sire and dam or part of the Litter number and clicking on the magnifying glass

Select the litter you’re wanting to enter records for from the list by clicking on the underlined Litter identification (in this case, the dam has only had one litter, so there is only one record)

To create your record, complete the rest of the fields. If all of the puppies in the litter are not going to get the litter care then select “No” for the field “Pertains To All Pups”. Click on the checkmark

Click on the hyperlink Delete Pups Not Getting if pertinent. Deleting the pup from this list prevents the pup litter care procedure records being automatically created. It does not delete the pup from the database

Once you delete the unwanted puppies, click the edit icon on the litter care. Then go to the last field “Run Code” and choose yes. Then save the record by clicking the check in the far left

Click on the Litter Care Items tab if you need to remind yourself what procedure records are going to be created for every pup on the list. Changing the procedures through the Admin tab >> Manage Our Lists >> Litter Care

To enter the batch of litter care records, click the edit icon for the Litter Care record you just created and select Yes for the field “Run Code To Create Records”. Every selected pup in the litter will now have the procedures for the date and type you have specified

When you access the individual record for each puppy in My Dogs the record for each puppy in the litter will have been updated to include the Litter Care treatment you entered in Litter Care

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