7.6 – Search for Dogs with Specific Health Diagnoses on Dogs You Own

In the top left corner, place the cursor over “My Data”. A drop down box will appear and click on “Health Diagnoses_All My Dogs”. Search for diagnoses by one of 3 ways:

  1. Use the diagnosis search field (elongated red circle below) to find any word or part of a word that may be in a diagnosis
  2. Use the search panel- See section 4.1 for a description of using the search panel and the options
  3. Use the Advanced Search (red rectangle)- see section 4.1 for description of using advanced search

All dogs that have been diagnosed with that condition will appear in a list.

Any of the columns in which the column name is underlined, can be sorted. This is of value to search for sires or dams that have produced multiple progeny with that disease.

General diagnoses can be edited here.

Hip Quality diagnoses can not be edited here. Go to the dog’s record in MyDogs and open the Details (child) tabs- Select the specific hip tab (Extended View, PennHip, FCI, ect)

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