7.3 – Entering Normal Diagnoses

To enter that a dog is normal do the following in MY DOGS

  1. Hips- enter the type of hip diagnosis- normals are there
  2. To indicate the dog has been examined by a vet and no problems found, use Health Normals tab. Then click ADD

    Update the date of the exam, add the veterinarian who did the exam, unclick any item that is NOT normal on the exam. Then click SAVE ALL.IWDR will make a normal diagnosis for each health category checked when you click save. Refresh the screen and click on Health Diagnoses and you will see them all
  3. Use the tab Health diagnoses to enter normals when specific exams or tests were done. Click ADD to be able to enter a new diagnosis, to the right of the diagnosis field click the hyperlink select. In the pop up window type the diagnosis.
    Some examples

    • Elbow – search for normal elbow- select Elbow Dypslasia Grad 0 – normal elbow joint (this is the international scoring terminology for elbow quality)
    • Echocardiogram normal
    • Normal Eye Exam

If you can’t find a normal diagnosis that you need, please send a ticket to support@iwdr.org and describe what you need but can’t find

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