7.1 – Add and Edit Most Diagnoses

In the top left corner, place the cursor over “My Data”, a drop down box will appear. Click on “My Dogs”. Fill in the dog’s name into the search field to the left of the screen. A box will appear with the names of all dogs that include the searched name. Click on the correct dog’s name.

Click on the pencil icon to the left of the dog’s name. Boxes will appear with data that can be edited. At the top of the screen will be the pedigree. Below this will be Sibling and Self Data. To the bottom of the screen will be Health Diagnoses.

Click on the “Inline Add” button. A drop down box will appear. Fill in the date of diagnosis. The “Diagnosis” field must be filled in according to specific pick lists. Start typing the “Diagnosis” and choose from the drop down box that appears

To delete a diagnosis, go to My Dogs>> select the dog on the left search panel>> click search

Click the Details Tabs icon with the dots to the left of Date of Birth on the list page.

Select Health Diagnosis tab

Click the diagnosis that you want to delete. Click Delete

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