5.4 – Enter Puppies

Find the Puppies Button:

Select Inline Add to enter each puppy record. Enter each individual puppy record – including deceased puppies.

Deceased puppies: enter name as [Dam Name Deceased # in birth order Sex]. For example a deceased female puppy born to Myrtle SEGD as the fifth puppy in the litter would read [Myrtle SEGD Deceased 5F]

Complete Status Change Date with the appropriate deceased Status Detail, Work Type the litter was bred for, End Reason and Placement Type [Still with Owner.] Enter the school who is the owner of the brood, or currently hosting the litter, as the owner. The following view is the Edit feature with the screen scrolled over to the right

Live puppies: Create records in birth order when known. Enter puppy name [Dam Name School initials as Suffix # in birth order Sex (collar color as preferred.)] For example [Myrtle SEGD 1M] would be the first born male in Myrtle SEGD’s litter. Enter sex and color. Breed will populate via the Estrus/Whelping table. Enter birth weight and Status Change Date. Puppy current status [Neonate] will populate

Below is a view of the screen information over to the right. Enter Work Type the litter was bred for. Note this puppy does not have an end reason code because it is active. Enter the school who is the owner of the brood, or currently hosting the litter, as the owner. Check the Watch List box. ABC Administration will uncheck at a later date if warranted. Save records

Update individual puppy records via ABC Bred Dogs. Select litter via sire and dam query. You can then edit each puppy record via the Edit pencil or child table.
As info develops, enter puppy names, microchip, procedures (deworming, vaccines, etc.), diagnoses, school of ownership and additional information.
Update Status Date Change and Status Detail as puppy progresses

Further, create an ABC Relation for each puppy. This can be done via the child table [Relation ABC Dogs] or by using the Edit pencil and opening each dog’s record and selecting the Relation ABC Dogs [Inline Add] button.

Give each puppy a Dog Relation Type of [ABC Hosted Neonate] with the school who is hosting the litter. Start date is the date of birth. With deceased puppies, the End Date is the day the puppy died

ABC Admin will update the Relation ABC Dogs as puppies are placed with ABC Member schools. ABC Admin will de-select the Breed Watch button or create a Neuter Ok Date record as needed

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