5.3 – Enter Whelp

Video Tutorial: Whelp & Puppies, Enter Litter

Whelp entry is done from the My Estrus/My Whelpings tab.

Whelps can also be entered from MyDogs>>choose the brood and go to the Estrus details tab.

Enter as much data about the whelp as you can.

Required data for a whelp: Whelp Date, Litter Designation and Work Type Bred For.

  • Whelp Date: Enter the date the first puppy was born. All puppies will have the same birthdate.
  • Litter Designation: Organizations can choose whatever combination of letters and numbers desired. While on the “Heats & Litters page, scroll down the screen to find “My Litters List.” The litter designation on the top is the most recent litter. Enter the next appropriate letter and number combination in the record you are editing (your litter.)
    • When ABC is the breeder of the litter, the format is ABC Year born Breed Litter number.

      ABC2017LR003. The next Litter Designation would be [ABC2017LR004] providing you are still in the 2017 calendar year. If the date has moved into the next year (2018) then the Litter Designation begin at ABC2018LR001

  • Work Type Bred For: The type entered will be populated automatically to the puppies. This can be edited on the individual dog record as needed. Later, if the dog is successful in another work type, edit that individual’s work type accordingly. If the dog was rejected and not successful in another work type, leave the original work type.

Whelp information: On the right side of the estrus/whelp page, fill out as much information about the whelp as possible.

Once these fields are populated and the record is saved, this record will disappear from the My Estrus/My Whelpings menu tab and will appear on the Enter Puppies/Edit Whelp Info menu tab.

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