5.1 – Estrus Enter and Edit

Enter all estrus on your broods whether or not the brood is being bred this estrus. IWDR will be calculating the next estrus due date based on the most recent estrus and the calculated estrus intervals.

Video Tutorial: Estrus Enter

ABC: Per the following guide, please enter an Estrus start date record each time an ABC brood who your school owns comes into season. Please alert the ABC Breeding Administrator immediately as each ABC brood start her estrus cycle.

Go to the menu item Estrus Whelps Pups and tab My Estrus My Whelpings.

Click the Add new button to enter a new estrus record.

Alternately, go to My Dogs, select the brood and click the tab Estrus. Use this option in order to be able to edit estrus information when your organization is not the breeder nor the owner of the litter. This may occur when you lease the brood.

In the top left corner, place the cursor over “My Data”. A drop down box will appear, click on “”My Dogs”
Search for the brood using the search panel. Type the name of the brood and select the matching name that is displayed. Then click the Search button at the bottom or the hour glass.

The dog will appear on to the right of the search panel. Click on the child link icon to the left of the dog’s name. The icon resembles a tree.

Clicking on the child table link, displays the tabs where additional data can be entered for that particular dog. Click the tab for “Estrus and Whelps”. This displays a link “Proceed to Estrus and Whelps”. Click on that link to access the page to enter information about the brood’s heat.

The following page will appear. Click the “Add New” button.

Clicking on “Add New” in the top left of the screen. A box will appear titled “Estrus & Whelps, Add new”

If using the Estrus/Whelping/Pups menu tab, enter the broods name. The brood’s name is autofilled when using the Estrus tab from MyDogs. Enter the sire by typing the sire’s name in the Sire field. Click on the correct name, and it will be filled into the corresponding field on the “Estrus & Whelps Heats, Add New Record” screen.

ABC: Enter [Yes Breed] for Breed this Time unless ABC Administration has coordinated a skip season. In that event, enter corresponding value i.e. [No Litter Not Needed or No Administrative/Logistics]
Enter Breeder as [ABC Breeding Cooperative] and the remainder of data to date. If sending chilled semen or other time-sensitive coordinates, please populate the Notes field with pertinent contact information as show below.
Save record

Type the sire of the litter. If the sire is not in IWDR, you will need to enter the sire in the database using Add New in either All Dogs or My Dogs. Using My Dogs if your organization owns the sire allows you to enter additional information about the sire than if you use All Dogs. If you do not own the sire, you must use All Dogs.

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