> 2.4.2 – Editing Dogs~ edit icon

Only owners are able to edit records of their dogs. To maintain records where needed, administrators are also able to edit records.

If you have edit rights, there will be a pencil icon to the left of the name, just adjacent the magnifying glass icon. In some internet browsers, the pencil icon will appear as an apostrophe.

If you do not have editing rights, there will be only a magnifying glass to the left of the dog’s name and no pencil icon. In some internet browsers, the magnifying glass will appear as an “a” symbol

To edit the data on a dog that you have editing rights to, click on the pencil icon, and a box named “All Dogs, Edit Record” will appear at the top. A box with health data will appear at the bottom. If there is sibling data and EBV data, it will appear in the middle. The dog edit page is slightly different in My Dogs as compared with All Dogs. You can use either location to edit your dogs however in MyDogs, you can edit some of the private information such as the puppy raiser or client with whom you have placed the dog

  • MyDogs
  • AllDogs
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