15.4 – Managing Active Teams


  • Client Activities – serves as a contact log to store interactions and communications with the client. Please provide a list of the types of activities or communications.
  • Equipment- customized to your organization. Best to have an experienced staff member populate the types of equipment with the descriptions you want so they are consistently entered and not duplicated.
  • Team Progress Reports – a form based on input from multiple organizations
  • Edit Address Phn Email – convenient to update client info
  • Client Photos, PDFs – private to your organization
  • This Person’s important contacts – for easy reference or adding new ones or deleting those not pertinent. Deleting the person here does not delete the person from the database.
  • Client Team Retire – Updates the dog’s status, creates status history record, updated the Client Status With Us is updated by the person filling out the form

  • Client Team Return Dog – The dog’s status is updated to return dog in training and a status history record is created. The Client Status With Us is selected while filling out the form

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