15.2 – Application

Edit Application – go to the menu tab Edit Application which displays apps with status screening or on hold

  • The only required field to proceed is change the app status to Approved and save. Note: if an app’s status is changed to Declined By Us or Client Not Pursuing, this application is closed and the client’s status with us is updated in the Client Basic Info page. If the client later wants to resume applying for a dog, they need to open a new application.
  • The application has many fields. The 4th section Health Rating to Likelihood of Success have a 5 point scaleVery Good to Very Poor as well as No Score and Not Applicable. An overall rating score where 5 is best will be calculated using the total of scores entered divided by the number of client attributes scored.
  • A few details tabs are included for convenience. They are also on the Client Basic edit page

  • Changing the application status to Approved and saving the changes creates a Team Training record where a date for the client to start training, assign an instructor and assign a dog can be managed.

  • For organizations that want to store which dog used during the application screening, we can consider either providing the Client Activities tab which can include the dog in the commends or a relationship of the dog as a test dog. Input is needed before we take action on this.
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