15.1 – Basic Data

Please help us test the Client Services module.

There are 4 tabs under Client Services.

Add a client – go to Client Basic Info. Click ADD NEW button.

  • Choose the person. If they are not in the database then click on Add New hyperlink to add the person. If that person already has a client record, on save, you will get a message and it will not save a second client record.
  • Other required fields include Date Started With Us, DOB, Gender and Program Type. Program type is the same list as the dog work type. The country of citizenship autofills to be the same country that your organization is in. It can be changed.
  • The client’s status is Inquiry -Potential New Client.

Apply for a new dog – Open the details tabs and select the first tab. Click the Add Button. If the client has a dog currently or in had a dog in the past, also use the Apply For A New Dog button.

  • The only required fields are to reenter the Client (this is a problem we are working on) and the application start date which is intended to be required. Fill that in and any other data and save to create an new application. The Client’s status with us is now New Applicant if the client is new or the appropriate status with us if the client either has a dog and is applying for a successor dog or returning after having no dog.

  • Note there are other details tabs.

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