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Litter Procedure Batch Entry

Users can create customized Litter Care data entry in batches with a list of procedures that every puppy in a litter are going to receive at the same time. Any procedures such as vaccines, deworming, microchip implant, etc. at each age point can be processed as a group rather than individually to save time when entering for litters with multiple puppies. Before being able to enter a batch entry for a litter, you must first create the batch lists. Once the batch lists are created, they are there for you to use moving forward.

Follow the steps below on how to enter a litter procedure batch entry on each puppy’s file in the litter.

  1. Under the main menu select [Litter Tracking], then select [Litter Procedure Batch Entry] from the drop-down menu OR Select the [Litter Care Batch Entry] quick link on the home page.


b. Select Inline Add

c. Select the [Litter Designation] by clicking the word [Select] under the field. Choose from the list which litter you wish to enter the batch for.

d. Enter the date the procedures in the batch were done

e. Choose [What] batch of procedures are being done from the drop-down menu. If these are already entered, they will be shown in the list. If you do not see what you are looking for you must go to Admin and create the batch entry.

f. Enter [Who Did It]

g. Select [Yes] under [Ready to Run Code].

If you are not ready to run the code yet select [No].

The code will not run and therefore the batches will not transfer to the litter at this time. When you are ready to tun the code, come back to this line and select yes.

h. You can enter as many batches as needed. Once done entering all the batches you want to add, either click on [Save All] or click the check mark to the left in each row you want to save and IWDR will create records for all of the selected procedures for each litter selected.