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> 28 – Dog Distraction

28. Dog distraction

Definition Absent Very Mild Mild Moderate Severe
Persistent interest in and high excitability level with other dog(s)
  • Shows little or no interest in other dogs and focus is unaffected by their presence.
  • Requires no intervention and/or support from handler.
  • A few instances of losing focus and becoming very mildly distracted by another dog
  • Quickly refocuses with very mild handler intervention and/or support.
  • Occasionally loses focus and becomes mildly distracted by another dog.
  • Requires mild handler intervention and/or support to regain focus.
  • Frequently loses focus and becomes moderately distracted around other dogs and/or
  • Persistent interest. Usually requires moderate handler intervention and/or support to regain focus.
  • Very dog oriented. Consistently distracted around other dogs
  • Persistent interest. Difficult or unable to regain focus despite handler intervention.
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