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> 8 – Separation Anxiety

8. Separation Anxiety

Definition Absent Very Mild Mild Moderate Severe
Restless, vocalizes, and/or becomes destructive when left alone
  • Shows no signs of distress when left alone
  • Very mild whining and/or is very mildly restless initially when left alone
  • Settles and quiets within 5 minutes
  • Mild whining and/or a few barks and/or is mildly restless when left alone
  • Settles and quiets eventually within 5 minutes
  • Moderate whining and/or barking and/or moderately agitated and restless when left alone
  • Vocalizes throughout the duration of separation
  • Very vocal and/or very agitated and distressed when left alone
  • May be destructive or self-mutilates
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